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Real Simple July 20, 2009

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cream wheat

Creamy. Wheaty.

To me, people fall into two categories: those who prefer oatmeal and those who prefer Cream of Wheat. I am firmly planted in the latter camp. I can’t get over the sludgy texture of oatmeal. Plus I grew up eating Cream of Wheat. With butter and sugar, it makes a most satisfying breakfast. Of course, sometimes you want to pretty things up a bit. A few weeks ago I had some wilting strawberries in the fridge — too old to eat as they were, but not old enough to toss. I threw them on the stove with a tablespoon of sugar and a splash of Cointreau. They simmered while I cooked the Cream of Wheat and everything was done at the same time. What a lovely, comforting start to a Saturday it was!

As we’ve said on this blog before, sometimes simplest is bestest. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. The next time your fruit is starting to brown, don’t throw it out–turn it into a compote and put it on pancakes, Cream of Wheat, French toast, or, yes, even oatmeal.

A few suggestions to help you along:
apriocts + molasses + bourbon

bananas + brown sugar + macadamia nuts

blueberries + lemonade

raspberries + orange juice

apples + ginger + cinnamon


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