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Everything's better with butter.

About May 16, 2009

Four friends from the Sunshine State went to college together many years ago (okay, not that many years ago). Now they’ve started a blog about a common passion: food. Buying it, cooking it, dreaming about it, and, of course, eating it. Even though their lives have scattered them across the country, they regularly meet here to reconnect, sharing stories and recipes.


Buttery B lives in a walk-up in an impossibly charming neighborhood of Brooklyn. Despite having the world’s smallest kitchen, she’s able to whip up a bevy of sweet treats and has a black belt in brownie baking. Three things in her fridge right now: quinoa, sweet tea and pepper jack cheese. Something you’d never catch her eating? Pate.


Mother Butter lives in Queens where she is raising her two handsome sons along with her husband. A true Southern belle, she can whip up a batch of drop biscuits lickety-split, y’all. One thing she’s been afraid to try cooking? Souffle.


Mrs. Butterpants lives in LA with her husband and two cats. No, she’s not a crazy cat lady! She’s an actress. She has a knack for making cupcakes and other dessert delectables, like pumpkin whoopee pies. She could do without eating slimy foods and, as a vegetarian, thinks steak is overrated.


Lady Butterbuns lives in San Diego. She dreams of escaping from her office job, but in the meantime satisfies herself with baking cakes. In her fridge you’ll find HP sauce, agave nectar and wine coolers (you can take the girl out of college…) One day maybe she’ll get up the nerve to bake a pavlova.


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