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Cookbooks September 12, 2009

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Some time ago Mother Butterpants (not to be confused with our own Mother Butter) informed me that she would be simplifying her life. This included selling her house and most of the things in it. I was and am totally in favor of this because I, in general, am not much of a “stuff” person. We tend to move a lot so we try to keep the stuff in our lives to a minimum. Of course, Mr. Butterpants is my total opposite in so many ways and this is a big one. He loves stuff. He loves to collect stuff. He loves to display all his stuff in various cabinets.

There is one thing I do collect: books. Everything else I mercilessly dump before every move. My books, however, have followed me everywhere. Cookbooks are especially a problem. They’re so enticing with their photos of food, endless possibilities of fabulous meals that could be served, party menus…… I am addicted.

When my mother told me she planned to dump her stuff, I offered to come “help” her. Since a sports injury last year left me unable to lift much of anything, this actually meant going shopping in her home. Which I did. I ended up with some chairs and serving platters which used to belong to my great grandmother, a piece of jewelry (the origins of which no one knows), and a crapload of cookbooks. So much for simplifying our lives.

The books arrived at our place last week.

I just sat down and went through them. They’re fabulous. The ones I chose were mostly written by Junior Leagues or Women’s Clubs or synagogues. They’re home recipes. And of course, because my mother lives in the South, they are very Southern. One of them has a recipe for Cooter Stew! What? Another is a from small chain of restaurants in Pensacola, called Norma’s where my favorite thing ever is the poppyseed bread with strawberry cream cheese spread. Norma also makes an excellent chicken salad.

I can’t wait to cook from them.

The Pile

The Pile

What are your favorite cookbooks?

Be excellent to each other,
Ms. Butterpants


6 Responses to “Cookbooks”

  1. butteryblog Says:

    Cooter stew! Love it!

    My faves right now:
    How to Cook Everything
    The Silver Spoon

    …and now that you actually got me looking at my very small cookbook collection, I realized that one of my uncles made his own cookbook (called “Cooking with Mom & Me”) for the holidays a few years ago and I haven’t cooked from it. Will definitely have to change that!

    -Buttery B

  2. Buttery B- I have How to Cook Everything Vegetarian! I love it!

    Your uncle’s cookbook sounds fantastic! I love those. In fact, I have my little red cooking bible put together by all of you ladies on my shelf too!

  3. butteryblog Says:

    It’s so funny that you wrote this post because I was seriously going to write about Jamie Oliver’s new “Jamie at Home.” It’s just like the show–very organic, unproduced, relaxed. The photos and graphics are gorgeous. No cooter stew, alas, but there is welsh rarebit and a plum bakewell tart that look delightful.

    -Lady B

  4. Mother Butter Says:

    What? Jamie Oliver doesn’t cook cooter stew? For shame!! LOL! One of my all time favorites is Roasting by Barbara Kafka. It changed the way I cook. I also have a family cookbook that my MIL made for me right about the time I got married. I use that very often! I am dying to buy Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone.

  5. Miss Honey Bee Says:

    I always enjoy a cup of hot cooter stew at the end of the day, don’t you?!? (What is “cooter” anyway? Sounds x-rated!!!) I love my family cook book that my Mamaw Faye put together full of family recipes. It’s full of Kentucky slang and quaint measurements such as a “bushel” of apples for apple-butter. One day I will make the Kentucky Stack cake. If only I could roll dough like they used to! Congrats on obtaining such a great collection!

  6. butteryblog Says:

    Apparently, a cooter is a turtle! I would never have guessed. Cooter definitely means something different to me!

    Make the Kentucky Stack cake for the next girls’ night!

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