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7am Indulgence July 27, 2009

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Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

I’m a breakfast girl. No matter when I wake up or what I’ve had the night before, I must have breakfast. It’s a simple fact. I admit it, the first thing on my mind in the morning is, “what’s for breakfast?”

And, yet, despite this, I’ve found that, generally, breakfasts lately have been less about being in the moment, enjoying the food, and more about just eating something to temper my hunger pangs. Typically, during the week, I eat something small and simple at my desk at work. My breakfasts go through phases, and usually (for weeks at a time) there’s no variance. Lately it’s been cantaloupe and blueberries. Before that, yogurt and granola…multi-grain cheerios with strawberries…oatmeal with dried cranberries…bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll (yeah, my body is thankful that phase is over!).

Routine is good. It gives you a sense of grounding and stability, and allows for simmering creativity to come to the surface. But you still have to be mindful in the routine. And this was the missing element for me. So, last week, I had the urge to make a real breakfast and eat it at home before heading off to work.

  • Scrambled eggs, with dried tarragon
  • Whole wheat toast with raspberry jam
  • Cantaloupe wedges

Placed on my favorite plate, it added a little sunshine to my day. It’s not something I would do every day, mind you, but sometimes you need to shake things up a bit to breathe some fresh air into your life.

What are your breakfast phases?

♦ Buttery B


7 Responses to “7am Indulgence”

  1. butteryblog Says:

    I am also a breakfast girl. Most of my breakfasts consist of some kind of cereal and a cup of tea. Trader Joe’s has excellent cereals. I used to eat at my desk, but that’s no way to start the day!

    -Lady B

  2. Christine Listerine Says:

    I’m of the same mind set when it comes to breakfast and agree with the routine thing. I spent the last 5 months straight pretty much everyone morning having egg whites, spinach and low fat cheese on an english muffin! Then one day I woke up and was thought…”NEVER AGAIN!” Now I’ve spent the last month having Fiber One Honey Clusters w/blueberries & vanilla soymilk. I will for sure run that into the ground too. Yay stability…

  3. Mother Butter Says:

    It is funny how people are such creatures of habit! I am big on breakfast as well!

  4. butteryblog Says:

    I love breakfast- I just love almost every food associated with breakfast. I just don’t eat it very often. I don’t tend to get hungry before 11 and by then it’s time for lunch!

    You’ve inspired me to make more of an effort!

    ms. butterpants

  5. Cos Says:

    I am so addicted to doughnuts that I have had to make a pact with myself to try and go a week without them. I tend to swap between 90 calorie bars and then the occasional doughnut. I now know the calorie count of all of my favorites, so I try to keep in check. It doesn’t help that there is a Dunkin on the corner of my block.

  6. Miss Honey Bee Says:

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Sometimes I’ll have breakfast for dinner if the mood strikes me. During the week is a rush so I usually eat at my desk. I love non-fat plain yogurt with non-fat cottage and flavor it with cinnamon and fruit like banana or blueberries. Sometimes I add a tsp of natural peanut butter. Sounds weird but it’s the best!

  7. butteryblog Says:

    I love breakfast for dinner!!! This is why I love diners so.

    -Lady B

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