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Lazy Chips June 14, 2009

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hot and fresh

hot and fresh

I am one of the laziest people I know. The other day I wanted tortilla chips but we were out. I didn’t feel like packing up the kids and going to the store to pay too much for snack food. So in a brililant move of backwards logic, I thought,” I have tortillas and oil, I will just make my own chips.” I know, it makes no sense. However, it did result in yummy, hot and salty snack. I am calling this health food. That is right people! It is not processed! My challenge to you- make something from scratch that you would normally buy. You can do it cause maybe you are a little lazy too!

-Mother Butter


4 Responses to “Lazy Chips”

  1. butteryblog Says:

    I just did this yesterday! I made lazy guacamole (salsa, avocados, and a little juice) and then realized I had no chips, so I just popped some tortillas in the toaster oven. Done!

    Hooray lazy cooking.
    ms. butterpants

  2. Lady B Says:

    I love that “lazy” is make them at home. I guess when you have two kids you really gotta need something to warrant a trip to the store. Homemade tortilla chips are ALWAYS better than store-bought.

  3. Mother Butter Says:

    Yes, I have to really need something to go out. It is such a hassle. It was kind of fun making the chips 🙂

  4. butteryblog Says:

    I did something similar to this, too (post to come soon!). The recipe asked for store-bought pita chips and I couldn’t find any anywhere, so I made my own. Yum. –Buttery B

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